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Winter season 2018/2019
December 16, 2018 to Easter mondat April 17, 2019

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily Reservation hotline: +1 800 1234 556

Turul-path -Difficulty level „D/E”

It’s an adventurous, D-grade ironed road. Moving on the rock wall under the Turul Monument, you can reach the imposing Vietnamese bridge. In the lower part you can climb a strenuous, “E” grade variant. Only experienced climbers should cut into it. Not recommended for children! Difficulty: D / E Length: 100 m Level difference: 40 m

Kata-path – Difficulty level „E”

The hardest of the three ironed roads leading to the Stone Hill. Because of the difficulty of "E", it is recommended only for very strong and experienced "via ferrata climbers".
For those who have troubles climbing the first few meters, be sure to turn back! The road was named after Kata Tolnay, who, together with his three companions, lost his life in a Himalayas in 2009.
Degree of difficulty: E
Length: 140 m
Level difference: 85 m

The seven leaders path – Difficulty level „D”

The rocky path is a rival for the alpine klettersteigs with its natural beauty and sporting value. A real curiosity is the series of Vietnamese bridges connecting the wall-lanes.
Climbing the path takes around 1-1.5 hours. Difficulty is "C", for medium level climbers, or sporty beginners. For children, only above 150 cm height.
Difficulty: D
Length: 300 m
Leveling: 90 m

Leaving the parking lot down the stairs, then going to the left along the asphalt road, we reach the bottom of the starting wall, passing Kata and the Five Leaders.
Huba Wall Part: Strong climbing on a leaning wall, then steplessly rigid. "D
Kond Wall: After a short bridle, a tricky heel, followed by an uncomfortable overhanging wall. "D"
Töhötöm Wall Part: After the first long bridge, we move along a vertical chamfer after a rejection wall with artificial steps. This is the first stage of the Five Way Road. "C"
Ond wall part: We swing on a great dissolved wall, and after an unpleasant act we reach the comfortable balcony. "C"
Tas wall part: At first, it is a bit heavy, and then reaches the longest bridge in an increasingly light terrain. At the beginning of this section we cross our road with Kata Road. "C"
Árpád Bridge: Walking through the airy bridge is a great experience for everyone. "B"
Előd-bridge: We reach the last bridge on an outstretched terrain. "B"
Álmos-Wall part: We leave behind the difficulties of the wall with this easier one. The reward at the end of the day. "D"

The five leaders path – Difficulty level „C”

The easier version of the seven leaders path is leaving out the first wall section and starts at the first longer Vietnamese bridge. It takes around 1-1,5 hours. The difficulty level is a medium „C” for the sporty beginners. For children, only above 150 cm height.
Degree of difficulty: C
Length: 260 m
Level difference: 70 m

The town of Tatabánya, in the break line of Vértes and Gerecse with its 72,000 inhabitants. In 1974 it became a town with the union of four villages (Alsógalla, Bánhida, Upper Galla, Tatabánya). In 1950, it became the center of the county, a road and rail junction, and an important stop on the Vienna-Budapest route.

The natural richness of Tatabánya has been the ideal place for our ancestors since the beginning, and the materials of the archaeological excavations can be seen in the city museum. Selim Cave and nearby Vértesszőlős are the most important sites.

The Turul statue, which rises above the city, preserves the memory of the Battle of Bánhida, and is also a popular destination for excursions.

Tatabánya has green groves, parks and alleys. You can relax in a quiet park next to the Népház, opposite the May 1 park, which gives place to a traditional fair on Mining Day. In New Town, the center of free-time sports is the Jubileum Park. In the neighborhood, the Millennium Park and the Boating Lake, are popular walking routes.

There are many hiking trails close to Tatabánya, as well as the nearby villages (such as Tata, Tardosbánya, Vértesszőlős, Várgesztes) which can be an exciting destination for those wishing to go on a trip.